Hold The Line

Revisiting this gorgeous music video we made for my song “Hold The Line” with Lisa Shaw.  It’s Thursday so let’s just go ahead and call it a throw back!  #tbt

We filmed this over 3 days in the Mojave desert with our good friend Ashley Walters and her trusty Honda Civic.  Using a mix of Iphone 5 and Canon 5d with 2 different lenses, everything was done with natural lighting.  We also used a leaf blower to capture the scene of all the dust blowing up in Esme’s face.  Filming at 120 frames per second we played it back in slow motion for the final cut.

The Ranch Inn was the backdrop for the fireside scene as well as the exterior wind blown photos scenes.  It was like something out of a Hitchcock movie set, hard to believe this is an actual functioning motel.


Our friend Marco Curiel edited all the footage together for us using Final Cut Pro.  Total budget was about $1100.


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